The Southside Quality of Life Plan seeks to identify strategies for improving the Southside of Indianapolis through community engagement and a plan for sustained and conscious development. 

What is a Quality of Life Plan?

A quality-of-life planning process engages stakeholders in defining a shared vision for their neighborhood's future that includes all aspects of life, such as housing, safety, culture, parks, health care, child care, education and economic development. This results in a written document that captures a collaborative vision and outlines clear action steps, timelines, and individuals or institutions responsible for making it a reality.  

 Who is involved in the quality-of-life planning process? 

Anyone! Residents, business leaders, students, and community stakeholders from Southside neighborhoods are invited to participate in the planning process. The geographic boundaries of the plan are Beecher Street to the north, I-465 to the south, Meridian Street to the west, and I-65 to the east.