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Each symbol on the map represents the location of an environmental challenge.  Different symbols denote different categories of environmental challenges.  Clicking a symbol brings up information about that location in a dialogue box.  The informational dialogue boxes typically include the location name, IDEM ID number or other search tool ID number (useful for further investigation), location address, and environmental information.  Environmental information is presented in three categories:  first, the environmental issue that occurred at the location; next, the action taken to remediate the issue; and finally, the status of the site or last known information.

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Action Step

9.1.2 Inventory & Map Environmental Assets & Challenges

Project Partners

Hoosier Environmental Council


The location of environmental challenges was gathered from IndianaMap, an Indiana Geologic Survey service.  Information about each environmental challenge was gathered using several online databases: the IDEM virtual file cabinet, the EPA TRI search tool, the EPA NPDES search tool, and the IDEM impaired waters list.  Finally, the information about each site was joined with its location on the map and exported to Google Earth to create the final product: an interactive map that displays environmental information about sites in the SoIndy neighborhoods.

Summary of Findings

SoIndy, like most urban areas, has its share of environmental challenges, but they don’t have to be a hindrance.  Fifty of the points on this map have already been addressed and nine are in the process of being addressed as of July 2017. As for the unresolved sites, the map provides information that will help SoIndy address them. 

Nineteen of the resolved sites were resolved with Environmental Restrictive Covenants (ERC).  An ERC means contamination was left behind on the site, so future use of the site is restricted.  ERC sites might have restrictions that prohibit building homes or schools on the property in the future or that prohibit drilling a well on the site.  It is the hope of the Health and Wellness Team that ongoing SoIndy businesses will keep good control of their wastes, so no more ERCs will be necessary.