Monthly Meetings: First Tuesday of each month, 6:00PM / UIndy Health Pavilion, RM 202

Download the Health & Wellness work plan


The Health & Wellness Team is a partnership of residents, healthcare providers, environmental advocates, and public health leaders in the South Indy community. We view health as a holistic community need, where overall wellness of residents depends on health food, recreational opportunities, healthcare options, and a clean environment. In 2017, we are partnering with Garfield Park Farmer’s Market to launch a SNAP Outreach program and the Hoosier Environmental Council to do an in-depth analysis of environmental issues impacting our neighborhoods.


• Healthier food options are accessible, affordable and locally sourced.

o   Recruit existing and new grocery stores to provide healthy food options at affordable prices.

o   Promote available land as a location for urban farming or community gardens.

o   Reduce food waste in food pantries by utilizing healthy foods grown in urban farms, community gardens and home gardens.

o   Promote more individual home gardening in South Indy.

• Recreational places and fitness programs are accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities.

o   Expand the built environment including green and recreational spaces and playground equipment at parks and schools to increase connectivity.

o   Organizations providing programing in South Indy will expand services to available spaces in our area.

• Improving environmental issues impacting our neighborhoods.

o   A South Indy community advocacy group will be dedicated to addressing key environmental issues to foster community pride.

• We envision attracting healthcare to our area, improving access to healthcare options, and increasing diversity of available care.

o   A South Indy community advocacy group will be dedicated to addressing key healthcare issues