Southside QOL Action Team Updates

Over 125 individuals came out on Tuesday, attended the first Action Team meeting of the Southside QOL planning process.  

To kick things off, a video was shown summarizing the Feb. 27 Visioning Summit.  The video was produced by our partners at Big Car Collaborative.

Southside QOL Community Builder, Scarlett Martin and Facilitator Kelli Mirgeaux reviewed the Visioning Summit, introduced the final action teams and walked the community through the QOL planning process.  Take a look at their presentation here

Final Action Teams are: Community Building, Connectivity, Education & Workforce Development, Health & Wellness, Housing, Madison Avenue Corridor & Shelby St. Corridor.  More information about what these action teams will cover can be found here

Each participant was asked to join one action team during the five-month planning process. Tuesday's meeting focused first on getting to know the people in the Action Team.  The second portion of the discussion focused on the group's Envision Statements.  Essentially asking the question of what the future of the Southside looks like, the group will take these Envision Statements and focus on desired results.  

The Quality of Life planning process uses the Results Based Accountability (RBA) method.  This method is outcomes based so the group will first focus on the ends and work towards the means. Each Action Team will determine outcomes which are a priority, the action steps needed to achieve the desired outcome, performance measure to gauge success, timelines and partners.