Rolling up our Sleeves in April

April 2016 was an exciting month for the Southside Quality of Life Plan! We are finally rolling up our sleeves and writing the Plan.

The month kicked off with our first Resident Leadership Training on April 21. Twenty-seven residents from University Heights, Garfield Park, Carson Heights, South Village, Rosedale Hills, and the St. Roch area joined us to review the Results Based Accountability model of planning, the timeline of Action Team meetings, and leadership roles for each team.

If you missed the first training, there are more opportunities! The next three leadership trainings will take place at Raymond Brandes Elementary (School 65) from 6:00-7:00pm on May 19, June 23, and July 21. Meetings will provide an opportunity for team leaders to discuss plans for the next Action Team meetings and share the successes and challenges of writing the Quality of Life Plan.

Still thinking about filling a leadership role? The Connectivity team still needs two co-chairs, a recorder, and a community partners’ liaison, so if you’ve been meeting with this team, or are interested in walkability, bikeability, sidewalks and transit, please consider taking a lead!

After March’s successful first gathering, Southside Quality of Life Action Teams met on April 26. This time, resident leaders took responsibility for facilitating and recording each team’s discussions. Teams had two goals for the night: 1) Finalizing “We envision” statements to fill in the “Results” for the work plan and 2) Developing “Strategies” statements that indicate how the “Results” can be achieved.  Team members can access their progress notes via Google Drive folders.

It’s never too late to join an Action Team! All teams could use fresh perspectives and new faces! The next Action Team meeting is May 24 and will focus on introducing data into the planning process and writing “Action Steps” under each of the “Strategies” teams have developed.

Upcoming: During May and June, Action Teams are encouraged to brainstorm about possible Early Action Grant projects. The Early Action Grant Program will fund $25,000.00 in micro-grants to short-term (less than 1 year) projects aimed at building momentum for the goals of the Southside Quality of Life Plan. The application is available online here, and the deadline is July 8, 2016. For more information on the Early Action Grant Program, contact Scarlett Martin at or 317-602-3613. Scarlett has open community office hours from 3-5pm on Wednesdays or 10am-12pm on Fridays at the INHP South office at 1414 National Avenue. Also available by appointment (see contact information above).